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Building 7,Jianwai SOHO East Area,No.39,Middle East Third Ring Road

Chaoyang District, Beijing,100020

RCL Properties

Art Walk Mall

The focus of Art Walk Mall is design, art, fashion and food. It is a one-stop destination for art, fashion, multimedia, technology, creative activity and lifestyle engagements.

Fashion Walk Mall

Fashion Walk Mall is located in the new business centre, at the corner of Changfeng Street and Changzhi Road. RCL is wholly responsible for the project including investment, planning, architectural design, and operation management for the fashion, catering and entertainment divisions. The project became the first true shopping mall in Taiyuan and is the highlight of commercial real estate in the city. We are working on becoming one of the best fashion shopping malls not just in Taiyuan, but also in China as...

Beijing Outlets Commercial Square

The Beijing Outlets Commercial Square is located on the south side of the forth ring road, selling high end and high quality products and brands. This square has a particular focus on promoting brand culture and is generally known for attracting brands from around the world, becoming a trendy location for recreation, shopping, dining and entertainment.


Sipinheyuan is located near the fifth ring road in Hegezhuang besides the Outlet mall and the Wenyu River. It is a courtyard style business centre offering recreation activities, art exhibitions, themed restaurants and hotels.

Shanxi Xiaoyi Tianfu Square

Shanxi Xiaoyi Tianfu square sells in-demand cultural products. This business venue modernises traditional Chinese culture in order to bring new appreciation to its values. It is a new way to combine traditional culture with a modern business model.