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Brand Operations

Brand Operations

Outstanding Retail Management Ability

Over the years, we've developed an experienced and knowledgeable team who understand customer demands and characteristics as well as the benefits of brand names. We specialise in knowing current fashion trends and consumers' purchasing habits as well as operating our own brands including fast fashion, make up and coffee brands.

At the same time we have developed a good international reputation due to our efficient methods, professional team and outstanding performance. We are a leader in fashion retail brand operation as well as a fashion agent and distributor, providing operating services to overseas brands inTaiwan,Koreaand Europe.

Actively seeking the next big thing

RCL is devoted to establishing stable partnerships with branded companies. We have worked hard to increase direct investment and promote joint ventures, joint stock and trusted operational relationships. We help to develop marketing, channel management and recruit the best people to allow strong retail brands to enter the Chinese market.